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Railroad Accidents

If you are a railroad or railyard worker, then you risk injury every single day. The powers that be are charged with keeping your work environment as safe as possible - and the government has imposed many strict regulations to help improve railroad safety. Despite all of those safeguards, though, accidents and casualties still happen. Knowing what to do in the event of a train accident is a smart way to protect yourself. That way, even if the unthinkable occurs, you will be ready. One of the best moves to make in such a situation is to hire an injury lawyer who is experienced with railroad accidents litigation.

Protecting Your Rights As A Railroad Worker

Although you will receive extensive training about accidents in the workplace, it is still smart to keep certain facts fresh in your memory - and to remember that your employer won't always have your best interests at heart. Keep the following points in mind so that you're prepared if and when an accident happens:

  • The first thing to do after a train accident or railyard injury is to take care of your injury by receiving adequate medical attention.
  • Once your health and well being are stabilized, you should fill out an injury report as quickly as possible. Whether your accident occurred at a rail crossing or elsewhere, such a report will come in handy later.
  • You will need to initiate a FELA claim as soon after your accident as possible. Part of that process is going to involve filling out a report to keep for your own records. Assuming that your employer will handle everything the right way is naive.
  • Throughout all of the preceding steps, it is very smart to have a lawyer at your side. Look for one who specializes in FELA claims for best results.

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