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When to Hire Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

Experienced motorcycle crash lawyers will tell you that most multi-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles arent the fault of the motorcyclist. If you've been in an accident where the other driver was at fault, you should be entitled to some payment from either the individual or his or her insurance company.

If your injuries are severe or if they will affect your ability to earn a living, you could be entitled to a large settlement. Most insurance companies won't hand over big settlements without a fight. If youre unsure if the offer you've received is fair or if the at-fault driver does not have insurance, youll want to seek out qualified motorcycle crash lawyers to help you get a fair settlement.

You probably don't need to hire a motorcycle crash lawyer if you were not injured or your vehicle was not damaged in the accident. You also wouldn't need a lawyer if the insurance payout covered the full cost of your medical bills, lost wages, repairs to your bike, and other accident-related expenses.

If you have any doubts as to the true cost of your injuries or if you don't know whether the insurance company has offered you a good settlement, talk to a motorcycle accident attorney immediately. He or she can help you assess the insurance company's offer and calculate the actual cost of your injuries. In the meantime, do not provide any information to the insurance company other than your contact information.

While some motorcycle accident claims involve products liability law, most focus on personal injury law. The issues that may be covered in a motorcycle accident personal injury claim include:

  • Traffic and registration law compliance
  • Determination of liability, or who is at fault
  • Medical expenses
  • Insurance provisions

How to Locate Qualified Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

To begin your search for a lawyer to represent you in your motorcycle accident personal injury claim, ask friends for recommendations. You also can use trusted sources like to find motorcycle accident lawyers in your area.

Meeting With Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

Before you select a lawyer to represent you in your motorcycle accident personal injury claim, youll want to ask the attorney some important questions. These include:

  • Has he or she represented people in your specific situation before? If so, how often?
  • What are the possible outcomes and options for resolving your case?
  • What would be an approximate total for your bill, including fees and expenses, and could you reduce it by having junior lawyers or paralegals work on the case?
  • How frequently will you receive updates on your case, and how long should it take to resolve?

The lawyers answers to these and other questions will help you decide whether he or she is the right person to handle your motorcycle accident personal injury claim.

After youve selected your attorney, youll want to gather the proper paperwork to prepare to meet with your lawyer. If your lawyer sends you a questionnaire, be sure to fill it out and bring it with you. The questionnaire probably will cover topics such as personal background, contact information, and basic information about your case.

Other paperwork you should provide for your lawyer includes:

  • The names of companies and people involved in your case, including potential witnesses
  • Police or accident reports
  • Your medical care records and bills
  • Information on insurance coverage and interaction/correspondence with the insurance companies
  • Details on how your injury has affected your work and your personal life

Basically, the more information you can provide to your lawyer, the better it will be for your case.