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West Virginia Motorcycle Accidents

Getting into a wreck on your bike can cost you dearly. Learn about common injuries and how West Virginia motorcycle accident attorneys can help. If you were in a crash not your fault, a lawyer may be able to get you a fair settlement. A monetary award pays for medical bills. It also covers repair or replacement of your bike. You can ask for help with other related expenses, as well.

Common Bike Accident Injuries

In an auto accident with a motorcycle, you have little protection. Leg and pelvis fractures are common if the bike pins you. Shoulder, arm, and wrist injuries occur when you brace for impact. Not wearing a helmet can result in serious head injuries and brain trauma. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Motorcycle Safety Guide says that unhelmeted riders are twice as likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries in crashes.

If you were hurt in a wreck through no fault of your own, a legal team can help you prove liability falls on the other driver. Lawyers also help family members of an injured motorcyclist. In the case of traumatic brain injury, family members often have to deal with legal and medical issues. Survivors can file a suit in the case of death.

What You Might Get in a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

A bike accident attorney may take your case to court if the other driver or insurance companies do not pay enough to cover your damages. You may need money for immediate, as well as, future expenses. The types of damages you can sue for in court include:

  • Current and projected medical costs
  • Lost wages for missed work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Repair or replacement of your bike
  • Other out-of-pocket costs

In some cases it is easier to determine fault than in others. For example, four-way stops regularly see bike accidents. A traffic camera recording might show the other driver failing to stop, if that happened in your case. You might have a harder time proving fault with no witnesses.

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A motorcylce attorney offers your best chance at getting money owed to you after a wreck that was not your fault. Your lawyer knows the traffic laws in the state and what judges and juries awarded in other cases. They fight on your behalf. Call now to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in West Virginia at 877-913-7222.