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When Should You Hire an Ohio Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney?

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that was someone else's fault, you should consider hiring an Ohio motorcycle accident injury attorney to protect your legal rights. This is particularly true if:

  • Your motorcycle accident injuries may require surgery or long-term treatment, such as physical therapy
  • Your motorcycle accident injuries may result in some permanent impairment
  • Your motorcycle accident injuries have caused you to miss work
  • You have any type of head, brain, or spinal injury
  • You are unable to walk, dress yourself, feed yourself, or handle other personal activities as a result of your motorcycle accident injuries
  • You have a prior injury or medical condition that may have been aggravated by this new injury
  • You are contacted by the other party's lawyer or insurance company to discuss a settlement
  • You are concerned that the party at fault in your accident may try to take advantage of you if you try to negotiate a settlement on your own or are worried that you'll leave money on the table during settlement negotiations
  • You think it's unlikely you'll be able to reach an out-of-court settlement with the party at fault in your motorcycle accident

Meet with an Ohio Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

Most Ohio motorcycle accident injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation to potential clients. At this meeting, you can tell the attorney about the basic details of your case, get the attorney's assessment of your case, and learn more about the attorney's skills and experience representing Ohio motorcycle accident victims.

Ohio motorcycle crash attorneys will be very familiar with the cost and long-lasting effects of motorcycle accident injuries and can help you decide whether a lawsuit is appropriate.

This case assessment should help you decide whether you have a viable case and if an Ohio motorcycle accident injury attorney could help you collect money from the party at fault in your accident.

When Do You Have a Valid Case?

To have a valid Ohio personal injury case, you must be able to prove that:

  • The party at fault (which would usually be another driver, but could be the motorcycle manufacturer or another party) acted with negligence
  • The party at fault had a responsibility not to hurt you
  • You were injured as a result of that party's negligence and those injuries cost you money (in the form of things such as medical bills and lost wages, but also things such as damage to property such as your motorcycle)

Under this definition, if your accident caused no physical or emotional damage to you or your property, you may not have a case under Ohio negligence law. However, if you did suffer damages as a result of someone else's negligence, you would have a valid case. Ohio motorcycle accidents attorneys can assess the specifics of your situation and tell you where you have a valid case.