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North Carolina Motorcycle Accidents

The North Carolina Driver Handbook states that about two-thirds of motorcycle crashes in the state involve autos. It points to auto drivers as the cause in most cases. This means bike drivers must take extra care on the road. Learn how to do exactly that. If an accident does happen, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand your options.

Follow the North Carolina Motorcycle Helmet Law

North Carolina requires bike drivers to wear a helmet. Passengers must wear one, too. The helmet must meet certain requirements. Approved helmets reduce bike accident injuries. The helmet must have a:

  • Polystyrene inner liner about 1 inch thick; this can help prevent brain injury in an auto accident with motorcycle
  • Permanent Department of Transportation sticker on back
  • Permanent manufacturer's label on the inside; it must include manufacturer name or identification, model, size, month and year made, type of construction, and cleaning and care info

If you do not wear a helmet, you could get a ticket. And if seriously injured in a wreck, the auto driver might try to assign some of the bike accident liability to you for not wearing protection.

Watch for Unsafe Automobile Actions

The actions of auto drivers affect motorcyclists more than others. You simply have no protection. Take extra care to avoid bike accidents at four-way stops. These prove dangerous for bike drivers in particular. Also watch for auto drivers who do not signal properly.

To help keep motorcyclists safe on the road, the state fines auto drivers who take unsafe actions against them. Auto drivers get no less than a $200 fine if they force you to change lanes or leave the road. If such actions cause property damage or personal injury, the fine rises to no less than $500. These low amounts represent fines only. A bike accident lawyer can help you get a fair judgment for injuries and property damage.

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Bike accident lawyers handle these types of cases every day. Talk to one before speaking with the other driver's insurance company, who might not offer a fair settlement. Call now to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in North Carolina at 877-913-7222.