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Nebraska Motorcycle Accidents

Nebraska roads, like Highway 75 along the Missouri River and Highway 12 with its rolling hills, provide great backdrops for a motorcycle ride. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and when they do they lead to a pile of medical bills. If you are in a crash, a Nebraska motorcycle accident attorney may be able to help.

Can You Sue for a Motorcycle Crash?

Nebraska is one of many states with some type of comparative negligence law. That means if you are in an accident and shared some of the fault, you share liability, too. The law allows you to sue and collect damages as long as you are not found at least equally or more at fault than the other driver. How much you can collect for your bike accident injuries can be reduced if you are found to share some of the fault.

For example, if you are speeding and a driver of another car refuses to yield, you are both at fault. If a court decides your speeding puts you 30 percent at fault, you may be responsible for 30 percent of your damages. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to figure out. It can be difficult to prove who is at fault and by how much. That is where a motorcycle accident attorney can help you.

How to Select a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

The first step is to find an attorney who can help. Write down information about your bike accident, including what happened and when. Bring copies of your medical bills and motorcycle repair estimates.

When interviewing possible motorcycle accident attorneys bring a list of questions including:

  • The lawyer’s education and experience
  • The lawyer’s proposed strategy and assessment of your case
  • How the lawyer would staff your case
  • An estimate of how much your legal fees may be

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