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Motorcycle Deaths Down so far for 2010

Preliminary date released by the Governors' Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) indicates that motorcycle fatalities for year 2010 have continued to decrease. The GHSA represents all state and territorial highway safety offices that implement programs to address highway safety issues such as, occupant protection, impaired driving, and speeding. Their preliminary figures are some of the first data that has been published to date on motorcycle fatalities for the year 2010.

A Downward Trend

Results so far for the months January through September of 2010 show that motorcycle fatalities for that period of time totaled 3,279 deaths. This is a drop of 80 fatalities for the same period of 2009 and represents a change of -2.4 percent. Twenty-six states showed fewer motorcycle fatalities for this period in 2010. Twenty-one states had an increase in fatalities, while the data from two states remained unchanged from 2009.

April Through September Are the Deadliest Months

The GHSA's figures are broken down into time periods of three months, beginning in January of each year. The records show that fatalities for the first three months of the year are usually the lowest. In 2009, there were 577 deaths due to motorcycles accidents. That number dropped substantially to 430 in 2010.

However, as warm weather returns and bikers return to the roads in force, the figures skyrocket. In 2009, 1,500 motorcyclists were killed on the roads from April through June. The figures were better in 2010, which totaled 1,484 deaths for the same time period. The summer months of July through September were not much safer for bikers. For 2009, 1,483 bikers lost their lives in the summer period. This got worse in 2010, as 1,531 deaths were recorded. As was seen with the total figures, there were slightly more states reporting a decrease for the 2010 tri-monthly figures than states with increases. The figures included all states plus the District of Columbia, except for the 2010 figure for July to September, which for unknown reasons included data from only 49 states.

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