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Montana Motorcycle Accidents

Montana bikers have 70,000 miles of highway to cruise. Though most riders in the state are dedicated to safety, accidents happen on the roads daily. Should you be involved in a wreck, a Montana motorcycle attorney can help you get back in the saddle and move on with your life.

Motorcycle Rider Safety

Montana Motorcycle Rider Safety is dedicated to rider education and safety. The program, part of Montana State University-Northern, teaches riders the rules of the road. Part of the course curriculum deals with avoiding motorcycle crashes. Riding responsibly is knowing how to stay out of harm's way.

Avoiding Collisions

Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere. Crashes occur at fourways, on highways, on country roads, and on city streets. According to the Montana motorcycle rider handbook, you can reduce your chance of collision by riding smart.

Avoid crashes by:

  • Being visible on the road
  • Staying aware of any hazardous road conditions
  • Communicating your intentions with signals
  • Keeping space between you and other vehicles

Additionally, it is important that you be prepared to act. Keep a plan in mind about what to do in case of adverse road conditions.

In Case of an Accident

Avoid loss or injury by knowing what to do in case of an accident. If you are in a motorcycle wreck, what you do at the scene of the accident is important.

Do not move your bike from the scene. If you or another person is hurt, call 911. If possible, jot down what you see at the scene of the accident. Note road conditions, who was present, and other details that come to mind. Take pictures if you can. This data will be useful when talking to your lawyer or filing claims.

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