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Mississippi Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. Every year, thousands of people are injured in motorcycle accidents. If you are the victim in a bike crash, an attorney can help you navigate any legal issues.

Mississippi Motorcycle License Requirements

The State of Mississippi requires individuals who want to get a motorcycle license to obtain what is called a motorcycle endorsement. To get one:

  • Drivers must pass a written test and a driving test.
  • Fees apply.
  • Riders who have an out-of-state license can ask for the tests to be waived.

Before taking a road test, all drivers must show proof of motorcycle inspection and insurance. You cannot get a license until you meet these requirements.

Helmet Laws in Mississippi

According to Mississippi state law, all bike riders must wear a helmet. This is regardless of age and type of cycle. Even riders on low-power cycles must wear a helmet. Helmets must be approved by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. In 2008, more than 5,000 riders were killed in the United States. Wearing a helmet can reduce chance of injury or death.

Auto Accidents Causing Harm to Motorcycle Riders

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by auto drivers. Unfortunately, because bike riders do not have the same protective shell as cars, injuries or death can result from a crash. Incidents in which car drivers hit motorcycle riders are not uncommon. Many of these accidents occur in four-way intersections.

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