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Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

Michigan law requires every driver to carry insurance that pays for medical damages in the event of an accident. However, it does not cover all costs. You may still need the help of a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer.

Can You Sue for a Motorcycle Accident?

Michigan law requires every driver to carry no-fault insurance. No-fault insurance covers your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages no matter who causes the crash. It does not cover pain and suffering or damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, Michigan law does allow you to sue for these damages if the other driver is at fault.

The catch is proving who is at fault. A Michigan crash study showed motorcyclists at fault in more than half of crashes causing serious injury. Nearly half only involved one vehicle. And excessive speed played a part in nearly half of those one-vehicle crashes. More often, the other driver was at fault in crashes between motorcycles and other vehicles. Failure to yield played the biggest part in these crashes.

How Can an Attorney Help?

If you are not at fault, a motorcycle accident attorney can help get money to repair or replace your motorcycle. The attorney can sue for pain and suffering.

If you are at fault, you may be sued. You may be fined and get points on your driving record. You may also be sued if you are in a crash with someone who is not a resident.

When meeting with an attorney, you may want to ask questions about:

  • The lawyer’s education and experience
  • The lawyer’s assessment of your case, including an estimated settlement amount and suggested strategy
  • How the lawyer would manage your case
  • How much legal fees will cost for the lawyer to take your case

Do not hesitate to ask questions about your specific case.

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