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Delaware Motorcycle Accidents

If you ride a motorcycle in Delaware, you know of the many scenic byways and back roads. The state offers much to see from the seat of a bike. You also know to look out for other drivers when exploring. An accident with another vehicle can cause serious damage to your bike and body. If that happens, know that a Delaware bike accident lawyer can help you receive fair compensation if you are not at fault.

Proving Fault in a Delaware Auto Accident With a Motorcycle

You can get money to pay for your bike accident injuries and property damage. First, Delaware insurance regulations make you prove that the other driver holds more than 50 percent of the fault. Proof of bike accident liability can include:

  • Police report stating a violation by the other driver
  • Instances of no-doubt liability, such as a rear-end collision or a bike accident involving the other driver making a left-hand turn at a four-way stop

A Delaware motorcycle accident lawyer can obtain police reports for you and research state and local laws. This information is used to prove fault to the other driver's insurance company. This may result in a settlement without a trial. Talk to a bike accident attorney before taking any calls from an insurance company.

Personal Injury Lawsuit to Prove Liability in a Bike Accident

You also can file a lawsuit against the other driver. You do this if the cost of your bike accident injuries and property damage exceeds insurance coverage. You can also do this if the other driver does not have the insurance required by Delaware law. In Delaware, you have two years to hire a motorcycle accident attorney to file suit on your behalf. You may want to wait to see if your injuries cause any long-term effects. Do not miss the deadline, though.

Locate a Delaware Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

A skilled Delaware bike accident attorney can help you receive fair payment for an auto accident with your motorcycle. If you are not at fault, you should not be stuck with the bills. Your lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies and represent you in court. Call now to speak with a motorcycle accident attorney in Delaware at 877-913-7222.