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California Motorcycle Accidents

Most people who ride motorcycles love the feeling of freedom. Riding a bike can give you a different attitude and a rush from riding in the open air. As a rider, though, you are more likely to be injured in an accident on a motorcycle. Almost all motorcycle accidents result in injuries while most auto accidents do not. You must wear motorcycle helmets in California. Also, wearing certain clothing like leather gloves and leather pants can also reduce the chances of getting injured.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Riders should take rider courses to learn about safe riding. These are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Most bike and auto accident injuries occur at intersections or four-way stops. Because a bike is smaller, a motorist may fail to see your bike or misjudge your speed.
  • Drinking and taking drugs can lead to careless driving and taking too many risks.
  • Keep within the limits of your skill level and know how your bike rides.
  • Observe bike traffic laws.

If you do get into an accident that involves injury or property damage, consult a bike accident lawyer.

Injury Claims

Injuries from a motorcycle accident can be more serious than injuries from a car accident since you can be easily thrown off your bike in an accident. This often leads to head injuries, broken bones, and severe burns. Police officers often claim that the bike accident liability lies with the driver. In the case of an injury, you need an attorney. A bike accident lawyer knows how a bike operates and can show the opinions of a police officer were wrong.

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