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Alaska Motorcycle Accidents

More people in Alaska are now riding motorcycles. That means more motorcycles are sharing the road with cars. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get money you deserve if you are involved in an accident.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

A 1981 traffic study still used today found that most motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles. The study concluded that most bike accidents happen at intersections, such as four-ways, and they are often caused by other vehicles entering the bike’s right-of-way. The other vehicle’s driver often is at fault in bike accidents, and motorists' failure to see motorcycle riders in time usually causes the crashes. Talk to a bike accident lawyer to help you collect damages if you are injured in a four-way crash.

Why Should You File a Motorcycle Claim?

Bike accidents can cause serious injuries and property damage. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you file your claim and represent you in court, if necessary. Reasons to file a motorcycle claim include:

  • You can seek payment to cover doctor’s visits and medical costs.
  • You may miss work, which means less pay.
  • Your bike was probably damaged, and you need money to fix it.
  • Insurance companies may deny your claim or only pay part.

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A bike accident lawyer can help you get compensation you deserve. The lawyer can assess your case and get expert witnesses if needed. Call now to speak with an experienced attorney in Alaska at 877-913-7222.