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Construction Accidents

It is an unfortunate fact, but construction jobs often bring workers into contact with hazardous conditions. When a worker falls victim to an on-the-job accident, it could mean time off work, rehab and perhaps expensive doctors' bills. With management's attention on other things, it is up to the victim to make sure his or her rights are presented if the case is to go to trial. This is where finding the right construction accident attorney is essential.

Common Construction Accidents

Below are a few common examples of construction accidents:

  • A worker falls to his death from unsecured scaffolding on a high-rise building
  • An intoxicated motorist sideswipes a flagman at a road construction site, leaving the worker paralyzed for the rest of his life
  • A tradesman accidentally comes in contact with exposed wiring, and is nearly electrocuted
  • An incident involving heavy lifting leaves a worker with spine injuries that will require ongoing medical care

Lawsuits Arising from Construction Injuries

Construction occupations may pay well, but many workers are at great risk for serious physical harm. A severe accident may end a career, if not a life. For example, most construction jobs require workers to engage in one form or another of heavy lifting. If job-related back trauma prevents a worker from performing heavy lifting from that day forward, that person may find themselves sidelined, marginalized and unable to find a less demanding post for equal pay.

"What about workers' comp?", you may ask. Some employers do not carry insurance, making it difficult for injured employees to file workers' compensation claims. Even if it is in place, workers' compensation has its own limitations. For example, it might not provide reparations for pain and suffering or wrongful death.

If you are a victim of a construction-related accident where you were not at fault, you may be entitled to receive long-term health benefits and compensation for future lost wages. It is important that you consult a personal injury attorney who specializes in construction accidents. Levels of legal protection for construction workers vary from state to state, and your attorney can advise you on any actions you may (or may not) be able to take.

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