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Tennessee Boating Accidents

As a boating enthusiast, it is your responsibility to know and follow Tennessee's boating rules. Not doing so can lead to serious accidents and legal problems. Many different factors can cause an accident on the water. In many cases, one or more operators may be legally liable for any damage or injuries.

How Boat Accidents Happen

Not all accidents are somebody's fault. Tennessee's Accident Statistical Report lists hazardous water as the most common primary cause of boat accidents in 2011. Of course, an operator's choice to take the boat into hazardous waters could contribute to an accident. In this case the operator could still be legally liable.

Other common operator-related causes include:

  • Improper lookout
  • Not paying attention
  • Not having enough experience
  • Alcohol use

When one or more of these or other acts plays a role in an accident, the operator will usually be found to be at fault.

Other accidents may be the fault of someone not even in the boat. For example, machinery might fail because of a defect in the equipment. This could be the manufacturer's fault. After an accident, it is important to find out exactly what happened. This will help with any legal issues that may come up.

What to do After a Boating Accident

State law requires you to report certain accidents to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency when:

  • Someone dies or disappears.
  • A person is badly hurt.
  • Total property damage is higher than $2,000.

You must report these accidents verbally right after they happen. Then you must file a written report within 48 hours if anyone was hurt or has disappeared. For other accidents, you should file within 10 days.

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Consequences for a boat accident can be serious. Recovering from an injury can take a long time and be expensive. Knowing who is to blame is not always black and white. It is important to let someone who understands state and federal boating laws help you explore your options. Call now to speak with a boating accident attorney in Tennessee at 877-913-7222.