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Boating Accidents in Maine

If you have been involved in a boating accident in Maine, you likely have questions and concerns. If the accident was someone else’s fault, that person may owe you the cost of your medical bills, repair or replacement of damaged property, and other losses. A Maine boat accident attorney can help.

Reporting a Boat Accident in Maine

Maine law requires that you must report any boating accident that caused damages in excess of $300. File the report with the nearest available law enforcement office. You have five days to file if the accident involved only property damage, but you must file within 24 hours if:

  • There was a fatality.
  • Someone is missing.
  • Someone lost consciousness, received medical treatment, or suffered a disability lasting more than 24 hours.

By law, you also must stop at the scene of the accident and render aid to anyone who needs it, but only if you can do so safely. You should also exchange names, contact information, and boat ID numbers with other parties involved.

Should You Accept a Settlement?

In some cases, the defendant or his or her insurance company may offer you a settlement. There are pros and cons to settling out of court. Time is a big concern for many, especially if medical or other bills are piling up because settlements generally go through much more quickly than court trials. The trade off is that you may stand to collect a larger award if you go to court, though there is no guarantee of this. Some people also find a trial to be more emotionally satisfying. If you are offered a settlement, it is critical to have your lawyer review it so you can make an informed decision.

Locate a Local Boat Accident Attorney in Maine

Injured in a boat accident? Dealing with property loss or damage? You may have grounds for a lawsuit. Get help from a legal pro who can assess your case and represent your best legal interests both inside and out of the courtroom. Call now to speak with a boat accidents lawyer in Maine at 877-913-7222.