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Boating Accidents in Louisiana

Louisiana is known as a "Sportsman’s Paradise"—and with good reason. The state’s rivers, lakes, wetlands, and miles of coastline offer endless opportunities for boating and other outdoor recreation. Unfortunately, where there is boating, there are boating accidents. If you are involved in one that is someone else's fault, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. A Louisiana boat accidents attorney can help.

What Factors Contribute to Boat Accidents?

No two boat accidents are the same. Sometimes there may be factors that are beyond our control. But in many instances, another’s carelessness may be to blame. Examples include:

  • A boat driver who was drinking, speeding, or otherwise engaging in reckless behavior
  • A boat manufacturer whose oversight made a vessel dangerous for use
  • A boat owner who did not properly maintain a vessel or equip it with recommended safety equipment
  • Crew members who failed to follow safety procedures

Not all of these factors may be obvious in the immediate aftermath of a boat accident. Attorneys who handle boat accident cases can thoroughly assess your situation.

Do You Need to File a Boat Accident Report?

For serious accidents, yes. Louisiana law mandates that you must report any boating accident that results in:

  • Death or injury
  • A missing person
  • Property damage in excess of $500
  • Complete loss of a vessel

Report the incident as quickly as possible to either:

You must forward the report to LDWF/LED within five days, if you filed it elsewhere.

The law also requires that you stop and remain at the scene of an accident if you can do so safely. Render aid to anyone who needs it.

Locate a Local Boating Accident Lawyer in Louisiana

If you have been hurt or lost property in a boat accident, you can rest assured that your legal best interests are in good hands. Get help from a legal pro who can represent you both inside and out of the courtroom. Call now to speak with a Louisiana boat accidents attorney at 877-913-7222.