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Illinois Boat & Boating Accidents

If you have been involved in a boating accident, you likely have a lot of concerns: You may have suffered physical or emotional wounds and be unable to work. You may have suffered lost or damaged property. And, you may wonder if you have grounds for a lawsuit. A great first step toward finding out is to contact an Illinois boating accident attorney.

What Does Illinois Law Say About Boat Accidents?

Under the Illinois Boat Registration and Safety Act, in the event of an accident that causes injury or property damage, boat operators must:

  • Stop and render aid as needed to any injured persons
  • Give their names, contact information, and boat information to anyone who was injured or suffered property damage

Failure to do so is a class A misdemeanor.

If you are unable to comply, you must file a report with the nearest police or sheriff’s office within one hour of the accident—or within one hour of being discharged from the hospital if you were admitted for care. Failure to do so may be classified as a felony.

What if a Boat Accident Occurred on the Job?

Many professions require workers to spend time on the water. Fisherman, boat captains, cruise ship workers, and others are at high risk of maritime accidents on a regular basis. If you are involved in such an incident, you may have to file a claim under the Jones Act. You must prove either that:

  • Your employer was negligent. One example might be that the company was not adhering to safety standards.
  • You were working in unseaworthy conditions. The boat, crew, or part of the boat was unfit for operation on the water at the time of the incident.

An Illinois boating lawyer can help determine if you have a successful claim.

Locate a Local Illinois Boat Accident Lawyer

After a boat accident, your highest priority should be tending to any medical care needs for yourself or other injured parties. Your next step should be contacting an attorney who knows the boating laws in your state. Call now to speak with an Illinois boat accidents attorney at 877-913-7222.