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How Much Do Georgia Boat Accident Attorneys Cost?

The cost of hiring Georgia boat accident attorneys will vary from accident to accident. Several factors will affect the cost, including:

  • Your fee arrangement with the lawyer
  • Whether your case settles out of court or is resolved through litigation
  • Whether you receive a financial award
  • The size of the award you receive
  • The legal expenses your lawyer incurs while handling your case

Most Georgia boat accident lawyers charge their clients either a contingency fee or an hourly fee.

When you hire a lawyer on contingency, the lawyer receives a share of any financial award you receive, plus expenses. You pay nothing if you do not receive a financial award. When you hire a lawyer for an hourly fee, you pay the lawyer for the time he or she works on your case (regardless of the outcome of the case), plus expenses.

Contingency Fees

Most Georgia boat accident victims hire personal injury lawyers on contingency.

After a boating accident, money may be tight because you have to pay medical expenses or have lost wages. A contingency fee is advantageous because it requires no up-front payment and you pay nothing if you are unable to settle or win your case. Because your lawyer will receive a share of any award you receive, he or she will have a financial incentive to work hard on your behalf.

You can try to negotiate a lawyer's fee before you agree to hire the attorney. You can ask the lawyer to calculate his or her fee based on the net award, after expenses have been deducted, and not the gross award, before expenses have been deducted. You can also try to negotiate a lower percentage contingency fee.

Hourly Fees & Georgia Boat Accident Attorneys

If your case is not worth much money or if it is weak, you may be unable to find any Georgia boat accident attorneys who are willing to take your case on contingency. In this case, you may have to hire a lawyer for an hourly fee (also called an hourly rate).

When you hire a lawyer for an hourly fee, you pay for the actual time he or she works on the case, regardless of whether you win or lose. You will probably be asked to make an up-front payment (called a retainer) and will usually be expected to pay your attorney's bill on a monthly basis.

If you hire a Georgia boat accident lawyer for an hourly fee, you are making an investment in the ultimate outcome of your case. Before hiring the attorney, ask for an assessment of your case so you understand the possible risks and the likelihood of receiving a financial award.

The Costs of Hiring Georgia Boat Accident Attorneys

When meeting with lawyers, ask each one to explain the estimated costs of your case. You'll want to understand whether the lawyer charges a contingency fee or hourly fee, and you should know the lawyer's rate. Will you owe any money if you do not win any money? How much does the attorney estimate you could receive if the case is successful? Based on that estimate, how much would you pay the lawyer in attorney's fees and expenses? How much money would remain after fees and expense?

After you've walked through the math, you'll have a much more accurate estimate of the cost of hiring Georgia boat accident attorneys.