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Georgia Boat & Boating Accidents

Safety should be a top priority when enjoying time on the water. Some boat accidents occur for reasons beyond our control, but many result from negligence or carelessness. If you are injured or suffer property loss or damage due to such an incident, you may be due compensation for your losses. Georgia boat accident lawyers handle these types of cases every day.

When a Boating Accident Occurs

Boat operators bear responsibility to take reasonable precautions to lower the risk of accidents. If an accident does occur, you must follow certain protocols. Under the laws of Georgia, you must stop and render aid to anyone who is hurt, as long as you can do so safely. You also must report the incident as quickly as possible if:

  • Someone has died or is missing.
  • An injury required first aid or medical attention.
  • There was damage in excess of $2,000.

More serious accidents may have to be reported sooner. Your lawyer can advise on your specific case.

Should You Accept a Settlement?

Depending on the circumstances of the incident, the responsible party, or his or her insurance company, may offer you a settlement to avoid taking the matter to court. There are pros and cons to settling out of court. One plus is avoiding the hassles of a court trial—and its long time line. Settlements generally go through much quicker, so you get money in hand sooner. You may get a larger reward, however, if you go to court. Of course, there is no guarantee of this, so it is crucial to have an attorney review any settlement offer so you can make an informed decision.

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