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Boating Accidents in Delaware

Boating is a popular pastime for families, fisherman, and sports enthusiasts, and it is a way to earn a living for many. But it is not without risks. Boating accidents can cause serious injury, damages, or even death. If you were in a boat accident that was someone else's fault, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. A Delaware boat accidents lawyer can help.

Operating a Boat Responsibly

Not all boating accidents are preventable. But boat owners and operators are expected take reasonable precautions to lower the risk. These include:

  • Properly maintaining the boat
  • Making sure safety equipment works
  • Following safety procedures
  • Not using alcohol or other substances while operating the vessel
  • Not speeding or engaging in other reckless behaviors

Anyone who fails to take such measures may be liable for damages that result. A boat accidents attorney can make a real difference in the outcome of your case.

Boat Laws in Delaware

Boating in Delaware is a privilege. You must take a boating safety class before you can legally operate a boat or personal watercraft in the state. The law applies to those born on or before Jan. 1, 1978. The course covers:

  • Basic boating skills
  • Speed limits and other state laws
  • Safety measures
  • Challenging weather and water conditions
  • Common sense and courtesy
  • What to do in case of emergency

The law also mandates that you report serious boating accidents to local authorities. You must report any accident that results in:

  • Death or a missing person
  • Injury that requires more than first aid
  • Damage in excess of $500

You may face criminal charges if you do not report such an event. Your lawyer can advise you about your specific situation.

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No one expects to be in a boating accident. If it happens to you, you're likely to have questions and concerns about your legal rights. Get help from a legal pro who knows the boating laws in your state. Call now to speak with a boat accident attorney in Delaware at 877-913-7222.