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Parole and Probation
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West Virginia Parole & Probation

West Virginia criminal court judges can, at their discretion, sentence a convicted criminal to probation, which allows an offender to remain free in the community while serving his or her sentence. Additionally, the West Virginia Parole Board can grant parole to inmates who have served a portion of their sentence. A parole and probation attorney can help offenders obtain either parole or probation, and can represent offenders at revocation hearings if they've violated one of the conditions of their parole or probation.

Parole & Probation Violations

When a criminal offender is sentenced to probation or granted parole, he or she will be provided with a list of rules and regulations that must be followed.

Typical conditions of parole include:

  • "Stay within a certain area."
  • "Obtain permission before changing residence or employment."
  • "Obtain and maintain employment."
  • "Maintain acceptable, non-threatening behavior."
  • "Must not possess firearms or weapons."
  • "Report any arrest within 24 hours."
  • "Complete monthly written report."
  • "Must not use drugs or alcohol or enter drinking establishments."
  • "Must not break any state or local laws."

Offenders who are accused of a parole or probation violation are subject to arrest, a revocation hearing and may be incarcerated if found guilty of the violation.

Because of the potentially serious consequences of a revocation hearing, an offender who is accused of a parole or probation violation should hire a lawyer immediately. A lawyer can help defend the offender at the revocation hearing, cross-examine the state's witnesses against the offender and call witnesses who can help dispute the accusations. If an offender is found guilty of having violated the conditions of release, the attorney can attempt to minimize the offender's punishment and argue in favor of the offender remaining free on parole or probation.

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