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Parole and Probation
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Michigan Parole & Probation

Parole and probation are two Michigan programs that allow people who have been convicted of crimes to serve all or part of their sentence while living free in the community. Individuals on parole and probation are supervised, and must follow certain rules and requirements. If you're an offender who's been accused of violating the terms of your release, talk to a parole and probation attorney today. If found guilty of a violation, you potentially face incarceration.

Consequences of Parole & Probation Violations

Parole and probation are both forms of supervised release. However, a court grants probation to offenders as part of a criminal sentence. The Michigan Parole Board grants parole after an offender has served a portion of his or her prison or jail sentence.

When a judge grants probation or the Parole Board grants parole, the offender will be given a set of terms and conditions that must be met to remain free.

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections:

"The judge...sets the offender's conditions or requirements of probation. Beyond statutory probation conditions requiring the offender to avoid criminal behavior, not leave the state without permission and report as specified by the agent, the court is free to impose special conditions of probation based on the offender's criminal and personal history. Special conditions may require jail confinement, substance abuse treatment, community service, high school completion, restitution, fines, court costs and supervision fees, electronically-monitored home confinement, placement in a state-funded probation residential center, and/or finding and keeping employment."

If an offender is accused of violating the terms of release, he or she faces a parole violation hearing or a probation violation hearing. This hearing is similar to a trial. The offender can be represented by a parole and probation lawyer, and has the opportunity to call witnesses, cross examine witnesses called by the state and present evidence disputing the alleged violation.

If an offender is found guilty of a violation, he or she can be sent to prison for the remainder of his or her sentence.

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