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Massachusetts Parole & Probation

After a person is found guilty of committing a crime or pleads guilty to a crime, the judge handling the case will impose a sentence, or punishment, following guidelines set by the Massachusetts Sentencing Commission. A sentence may include probation—meaning the offender avoids jail time—or imprisonment. Certain prison sentences include the possibility of parole, or early release. A parole and probation attorney can help offenders obtain one of these sentences, and can also defend offenders who have been accused of parole or probation violations.

Legal Defenses to Parole & Probation Violations

Criminal offenders who are released on parole or probation are required to follow certain rules and regulations for the remainder of their sentence.

Typical Massachusetts probation and parole conditions might include:

  • Obey the law
  • Report to your parole officer or probation officer as required
  • Pay any fines, fees, penalties or victim restitution that you're ordered to pay
  • Remain in the state of Massachusetts
  • Notify your parole officer or probation officer if you move or change jobs

If your parole or probation officer thinks you have violated a condition of your release, then you may potentially have your parole or probation revoked, and could potentially land in jail.

Preliminary revocation hearings or full revocation hearings are serious business, and you should have a parole and probation lawyer representing you in court.

Your attorney will discuss the allegations with you, get your side of the story and develop a strategy for fighting or disproving the allegations. Your defense will depend on the nature of the alleged violations. As with any legal proceeding, you'll be allowed to confront witnesses and offer evidence that disproves the allegations against you.

At the conclusion of the parole or probation violation proceeding, the judge will decide whether the offender violated the conditions of his or her parole or probation. If the judge finds that a violation occurred, the judge may allow the offender to continue on parole or probation. Alternately, the judge may change the conditions of release or may order the offender to complete his or her sentence in prison.

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