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Maryland Parole & Probation

Not every person convicted of a serious crime in Maryland goes to prison. And not every prisoner will serve his or her full sentence behind bars. A judge may have the ability to sentence an offender to probation, which allows the offender to remain free in the community. And after an offender has served a period of time in prison, the individual may be eligible for parole, or early release. A parole and probation attorney can help offenders obtain parole or probation, while also defending against allegations that the offender has violated the terms of release.

Defending Parole & Probation Violations

While on parole or probation in Maryland, an offender must abide by certain rules and regulations, also known as conditions of release. These can include requirements that the offender:

  • Report to his or her parole or probation agent
  • Obtain and work at a job
  • Obey the law
  • Undergo alcohol or drug treatment, if appropriate
  • Not own or possess a gun or other dangerous weapon
  • Obtain permission from the parole agent or probation agent before moving, changing jobs or leaving the state
  • Undergo periodic, random drug testing
  • Meet other terms and conditions of the offender's sentence, such as paying fines, victim restitution and/or performing community service

If an offender is accused of violating the conditions of release, he or she faces a parole or probation revocation hearing. According to the Maryland Parole Commission:

"If a releasee is alleged to have violated one or more of the conditions of release, a parole violation hearing may be scheduled based on a warrant or a subpoena. If the offender is found guilty of violating the conditions of release, the release may be revoked and the offender may have to serve the balance of the original sentence."

If you've been accused of a parole or probation violation, talk to a criminal defense attorney or parole and probation attorney immediately. You are allowed to have legal counsel during the revocation hearing. There are potentially serious consequences if you are found guilty of violating the conditions of release.

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