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Parole and Probation
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Maine Parole & Probation

If you've pled guilty or been found guilty of a crime in Maine, your punishment or sentence may include probation. While on probation, you'll be free to live in the community under the supervision of the Maine Department of Corrections. You may be sentenced to probation instead of prison time or in addition to prison time. A parole and probation attorney can help you if you're accused of violating any of the conditions of your probation.

Defending Probation Violations

In Maine, an offender on probation must follow certain rules and requirements.

According to the Maine Department of Corrections:

"The probationer is generally required to pay the cost of supervision to the State of Maine, and may have additional conditions requiring payment of restitution, court costs and fines, public service, or various types of treatment. The probationer is usually required to visit his/her supervising officer in the local field office at intervals related to their risk of re-offending as measured by a risk/need assessment tool. If the probationer's assessment places him/her in the higher range of re-offending classifications, the officer will contact the offender at his/her home and place of employment in addition to maintaining contact with service providers and other community members."

If the offender is accused of a probation violation, he or she faces a revocation hearing and, if found guilty of the violation, can be sent to prison.

The revocation hearing is similar to a trial. It's held before a judge, you can have an attorney present and you'll have the opportunity to call witnesses and cross-examine the state's witnesses. Because your freedom is potentially at stake, it's wise to hire a probation lawyer to represent you at the probation revocation hearing.

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