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Louisiana Parole & Probation

Not everyone who's convicted of a crime in Louisiana spends time in prison. Less serious crimes may only merit a fine or mandatory community service as punishment. In other instances, a judge may allow an offender to serve probation. And even after being incarcerated, some inmates may be eligible for parole, or early release. Talk to a parole and probation attorney to learn whether you qualify for either parole or probation, or if you've been accused of parole or probation violations.

Parole & Probation as Prison Alternatives

Criminal offenders who are sentenced to probation or granted parole have the opportunity to complete their sentence while living free in the community. Offenders will, however, have to follow certain rules and meet certain requirements to remain free.

Under Louisiana parole law, for example, offenders must meet at least 17 conditions of parole. (Additional conditions may apply on a case-by-case basis.) Those include:

  • To report to the appropriate Division of Probation and Parole office within 48 hours of being paroled
  • To stay within a certain geographic area while on parole
  • Not associating with people who are committing crimes or who have been convicted of a felony
  • To refrain from committing any crimes
  • Not being in possession of guns or other weapons
  • To perform unpaid community service
  • To undergo random drug or alcohol testing

Offenders who are accused of parole or probation violations face a revocation hearing, at which a judge will consider the evidence of the alleged violation. If an offender is found guilty of a violation, the offender potentially faces imprisonment. Because of the seriousness of this legal proceeding, it's important to hire a parole and probation lawyer to represent you at the revocation hearing.

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