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Kansas Parole & Probation

People who are convicted of less serious crimes in Kansas may be eligible for probation or a suspended sentence, which allows them to remain free while completing their punishment. Additionally, certain inmates who exhibit good behavior while incarcerated may be eligible for early release through the Kansas parole process. A parole and probation attorney can help offenders obtain parole, probation or a suspended sentence.

A parole and probation lawyer can also help defend offenders who have been accused of parole or probation violations. If an offender is found guilty of a violation, the judge has the ability to order the offender to be incarcerated. Offenders found to have committed less serious violations may be allowed to remain free, but subject to additional terms and conditions of release.

Are You Eligible for Probation?

If you've been convicted of a crime in Kansas, you may be wondering if you can avoid prison. According to the Kansas courts:

Kansas law outlines the conditions that a court may impose on offenders who are permitted probation. Those include:

  • Reporting regularly to a court services officer or community correctional services officer
  • Obtaining and working at a job
  • Paying court-ordered fines and/or victim restitution
  • Not breaking any laws
  • Performing community service

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