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Parole and Probation
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Iowa Parole & Probation

In Iowa, criminal offenders face a variety of punishments, including fines, prison time or probation, and victim restitution. Probation allows a criminal to complete his or her sentence while remaining free in the community. And prisoners who are incarcerated may be eligible for parole, or release into the community, after successfully completing a portion of their sentence. Offenders on parole and probation must follow certain rules and restrictions. Violators run the risk of being incarcerated. If you've been accused of a violation, talk to a parole and probation attorney today.

Parole & Probation Violation FAQ

What rules and requirements will I have to follow if I'm released on parole or probation?

The exact requirements will be established by the judge (if you're sentenced to probation) or the Iowa Board of Parole, as well as your parole or probation officer. Requirements may include:

  • Not committing any crimes for the duration of your sentence
  • Attending school or getting a full-time job
  • Paying court-ordered fines or victim restitution
  • Successfully completing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program
  • Meeting periodically with your parole officer or probation officer
  • Completing a specified number of hours of community service
  • Not being in possession of a gun or dangerous weapon
  • Not having contact with the victim of your crime

I've been accused of a parole violation. What happens next?


You should speak to a parole and probation violation lawyer immediately. You may be arrested or a warrant may be issued for your arrest. You will probably be subject to a parole revocation hearing. This court hearing is similar to a trial. You have the right to legal representation, and you can confront your accusers and call witnesses to testify that you didn't violate the terms of your parole.

What are the consequences if I'm found guilty of a parole violation?

At the conclusion of your parole revocation hearing, the administrative parole judge shall decide whether you have violated the terms of your parole. If you are found guilty, the judge may either revoke your parole, revoke your parole but allow work release, reinstate your parole with the same conditions or reinstate your parole with new conditions.

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