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Indiana Parole & Probation

After you've been convicted of or plead guilty to a crime in Indiana, then the judge will impose a sentence, or punishment, on you. Punishments vary depending on the nature and severity of the crime, as well as your past criminal history. Some criminal offenders may be eligible for probation, which enables them to serve their sentence—subject to certain terms and conditions—outside of jail or prison. Still others may be eligible for parole, or early release from jail. A parole and probation attorney can help offenders obtain probation or parole, while also defending offenders who have been accused of parole or probation violations.

Probation: An Alternative to Prison

In many instances, probation is a smart, acceptable alternative to incarcerating an individual who's been convicted of a crime.

Prison sentences can be an effective way to punish criminal offenders while keeping the public safe from crime. But there may many disadvantages to imprisonment:

  • Prison is expensive, and taxpayers bear the expense of housing, feeding and caring for prisoners.
  • It doesn't necessarily address the underlying reason that a person committed a crime.
  • People model their behavior based on those who are around them. A person in prison is surrounded by other criminals, many of whom have committed more serious crimes. Younger prisoners and those convicted of less serious crimes may learn bad behavior from other inmates.

For first-time offenders and those convicted of less serious crimes, probation offers several advantages over incarceration:

  • It is much less expensive to supervise an offender on probation than an offender in jail.
  • People on probation must meet certain rules and requirements to remain free for the duration of their sentence. Offenders may be required to attend school, get a job and successfully complete a drug rehabilitation program.

If you've been sentenced to probation in Indiana, you may have to pay a fee or fine, or make financial restitution to your victim. You may also be required to undergo periodic, random drug testing. Offenders on probation are typically banned from possessing guns, knives or other dangerous weapons.

If you are accused of a probation violation, you may be subject to a revocation hearing. The consequences are potentially serious, and can include imprisonment. It's important to be represented by a probation violations attorney at your revocation hearing.

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