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Illinois Parole & Probation

Under Illinois law, people who are convicted of criminal offenses may be fined or face more serious punishments. These include supervision, probation, conditional discharge and imprisonment. Offenders who are sentenced in court to probation or conditional discharge, as well as prisoners who are freed on parole, will be subject to certain rules and requirements for the duration of their sentence. If an offender violates those conditions, he or she may be imprisoned for the duration of the sentence. A parole and probation attorney can help defend an offender accused of a violation.

Probation Violation FAQ

What terms and conditions will I have to follow if I'm sentenced to supervision, conditional discharge, parole or probation?

The specific requirements will depend on the nature of your crime, but under Illinois law an offender may be required to:

  • Undergo periodic random drug testing
  • Not break any laws
  • Not possess a gun or other weapon
  • Perform community service
  • Pay fines and/or victim restitution
  • Get a job or attend school

I've been accused of a probation violation. What happens next?

Probation violations can have serious consequences. After being accused of a parole or probation violation you may be arrested and you will given a parole or probation revocation hearing. As with other court hearings, you should have a probation violation lawyer defending you against the allegations. The prosecutor will provide evidence of the violations, and your lawyer will have the opportunity to call witnesses and cross-examine witnesses for the state.

What are the legal consequences if I'm found guilty of a parole or probation violation?

If the court finds that you violated the terms and conditions of your release, you may be allowed to remain free and continue your existing sentence. But you also face far worse penalties, including incarceration. Your lawyer can explain the potential punishments in more detail.

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