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Hawaii Parole & Probation

Convicted criminals in Hawaii who would normally be facing imprisonment have two opportunities to serve all or part of their sentences outside of prison or jail. At the court's discretion, a convict may be sentenced to probation and avoid imprisonment entirely. Alternatively, after being incarcerated for a period of time, the prisoner may be permitted to serve the remainder of his or her sentence on parole. In both cases, the offender must follow specific rules and meet certain requirements. A parole and probation attorney can help convicted criminals get parole or probation and can also help offenders deal with accusations of parole or probation violation.

Do You Need a Lawyer if Accused of a Parole or Probation Violation?

A parole or probation violation accusation is no laughing matter.

If you've been charged with a parole violation or probation violation, then you face a revocation hearing. It's important to have a parole and probation lawyer represent you at this hearing because there are potentially serious ramifications if you're found to have violated the terms of your release. These can include:

  • New and more stringent terms and conditions for your parole or probation
  • Imprisonment for at least a few days, particularly if you are in the high-supervision HOPE probation program
  • Revocation of your parole and return to prison for the remainder of your sentence

It's important to understand that your probation or parole can be revoked for failing to meet the terms and conditions of your release. For example, you may be required to meet regularly with your parole officer, report a change of address and work at a full-time job. Your may be charged with parole violation even if you didn't commit a crime, but rather because you failed to meet with your parole officer.

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