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District of Columbia Parole & Probation

If you've been convicted of a crime in Washington, D.C., your punishment may include fines, probation or imprisonment, sometimes with the possibility of parole or supervised release. A parole and probation attorney can help you get paroled from prison. Your lawyer can also help defend you against accusations that you've violated the terms of your sentence while on probation or after being released on parole or supervised release.

Have You Been Accused of a Parole or Probation Violation?

Parole and probation offer criminal offenders the ability to live outside of jail while completing their criminal sentence.

In the District of Columbia, there are three types of programs that allow convicted criminals to live in the community while serving their criminal sentences:

  • An offender may be sentenced by the court to probation, which allows the offender to complete his or her sentence outside of prison, but subject to certain rules and conditions.
  • Parole allows an offender to be released early from prison based on good behavior. The offender serves the remainder of his or her sentence while on parole. Like probation, the offender is subject to certain rules and conditions.
  • Supervised release differs from parole in that it is served at the conclusion of an inmate’s time in jail. While on supervised release, the offender must fulfill certain requirements.

While on probation, parole or supervised release, an offender must follow specific rules and requirements. There are serious legal consequences for violating these conditions. For example, an inmate who is on parole in Washington, D.C., and fails a drug test faces sanctions including community service or time in a drug treatment center. More serious parole and probation violations could lead to a revocation of the parole, probation or supervised release and result in additional time in jail or prison.

If you've been accused of violating the terms of your parole, probation or supervised release, talk to a parole and probation lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can help defend you against the allegations and may be able to keep you from being imprisoned.

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