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Parole and Probation
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Arizona Parole & Probation

If you've been convicted of a crime in Arizona, you may be eligible for probation instead of spending time in detention. Probation is a form of supervised release in the community. While on probation, you may be required to follow particular rules or meet specific conditions. If you violate these rules or conditions, your probation is in jeopardy of being revoked. A parole and probation attorney can help you obtain probation or address alleged probation violations.

Probation Violations


In Arizona, probation allows a convicted criminal to serve his or her sentence while remaining free of jail or prison. (Parole, which allows early release from prison, has been generally abolished in Arizona.)

According to the Adult Probation Services Division of the Arizona Supreme Court:

"Probation is a form of criminal sentence in which the defendant agrees to comply with specific court ordered conditions rather than being sentenced to jail or prison. While on probation, the defendant is required to report to a probation officer, pay fees and fines, maintain employment, and at times may be required to pay restitution and/or complete community restitution hours. Defendants are typically sentenced to intensive or standard supervision."

If your probation officer believes that you've violated the terms of your probation, then:

  • He or she will file a Petition to Revoke Probation.
  • You may be arrested.
  • You will have an arraignment hearing at which you'll be told about the probation violation allegations.
  • Assuming you disagree with the allegations, you'll typically be held without bond until a probation violation hearing.
  • The probation violation hearing is similar to a trial, where evidence of your alleged violations are presented in court. You and your probation lawyers can present your own evidence and witnesses disputing the allegations.
  • The judge will decide whether you violated your probation. If you are found to have violated your probation, there will be a disposition hearing at which the judge will decide whether you will be imprisoned or allowed to continue on probation.

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