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Parole and Probation
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Alaska Parole & Probation

Not everyone who's convicted of a crime spends time in jail. And not everyone who's incarcerated serves his or her entire prison sentence. Alaska law allows some people to serve probation as part of their sentence and grants parole, or early release from prison, to others. Talk to a parole and probation lawyer to learn:

  • More about parole and probation programs
  • How to obtain parole or probation
  • How to respond if you're accused of a parole or probation violation 

How a Parole & Probation Lawyer Can Help You

Parole and probation allow convicted criminals to serve all or part of their sentences outside of prison walls.

But this doesn't mean that people on parole or probation have the freedom of everyday citizens. Both of these programs come with rules and responsibilities. Commit a parole or probation violation and you could find yourself behind bars.

A parole and probation attorney can help you:

  • Apply for discretionary parole with the Alaska Department of Corrections Parole Board
  • Attend your parole hearing with you
  • Help you deal with allegations that you've violated your parole or probation
  • Represent you at preliminary or final parole revocation hearings


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