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Alabama Parole & Probation

In Alabama, convicted criminals may be able to shorten their jail sentence or avoid imprisonment altogether through programs such as parole (which releases inmates early) and probation (which allows criminals to serve their sentence outside of prison). Getting parole or probation can be difficult and requires the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. And if granted, parole and probation come with strict requirements. Violate these and your parole and probation attorney may have to fight to help you remain free.

The Parole Review Process


Alabama is known to have one of the most rigorous parole processes in the country.

Parole eligibility varies depending on type of conviction. For example:

  • An inmate serving a life sentence is eligible after having served 10 years or one-third of the inmate's life expectancy
  • An inmate serving time for a Class B felony conviction is eligible for parole at any time with the approval of all three parole board members, or with the approval of only two parole board members if the inmate has served at least one-third of the sentence

An inmate's parole and probation lawyer can help the inmate determine when he or she is eligible for parole.

When an inmate is eligible for parole, the Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles will notify the victim or victim's family that a hearing has been scheduled. Victims may send letters to the board in support or opposition of the inmate's parole. Victims can also attend the hearing in person and speak to the parole board.

The inmate's family and his or her parole lawyers can also attend and speak at the parole hearing. However, inmates in Alabama are not normally permitted to attend their own parole hearings.

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