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Nursing Home Abuse
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Nursing Home Abuse in Nevada

Many seniors move into assisted living facilities because of the promise of compassionate, skilled caretakers. But what happens when a resident instead becomes the victim of nursing home abuse—and the abuser is the professional who was supposed to be providing care? Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is all too common. If you, or someone you love, is a victim of physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation or mental abuse, talk to Nevada police and a nursing home abuse attorney immediately.

How Can a Nevada Elder Abuse Lawyer Help You?

Nevada law enforcement authorities and the Nevada Long Term Care Ombudsman are responsible for investigating nursing home abuse allegations. If there's enough evidence, they will file criminal charges against the abuser. If guilty, the abuser may be jailed, put on probation, lose professional licenses and be fined.

Unfortunately, the nursing home abuse victim doesn't benefit from those fines, which are paid to the government.

Instead, you'll have to file a personal injury lawsuit in Nevada courts. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help guide you through the process.

If the lawsuit is successful, elder abuse victims can collect money from the abuser. This money is intended to punish the abuser while also compensating the victim for:

  • Medical treatment related to any abuse-related injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Moving expenses
  • Property that the abuser damaged, destroyed or took

An elder abuse attorney can also help a victim as he or she works with Nevada police who are investigating the allegations. The attorney can prepare the victim for police interviews, depositions and court testimony, and accompany the victim to those meetings.

Find & Hire Local Nevada Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

If you, or someone you care about, may be the victim of nursing home abuse, then you must act quickly. Contact the Nevada law enforcement authorities and talk to a local elder abuse attorney to understand your legal options.

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