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Nursing Home Abuse
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Nursing Home Abuse in Minnesota

Would you recognize the signs of nursing home abuse? You'd probably be alarmed to discover that a family member had unexplained bruises or broken bones. But would bedsores or a clogged breathing tube strike you as possible abuse? Both are signs of substandard care. If you think a loved one is an abuse or neglect victim, contact law enforcement authorities and a Minnesota nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible. Your family member's health and well-being depend on it.

Minnesota Elder Abuse & Nursing Home Abuse

Elder abuse can take many forms, but generally falls into three broad categories: Physical abuse, mental abuse and financial abuse. According to the Administration on Aging, warning signs of elder abuse can include:

  • Bruises and broken bones
  • Withdrawal or unexplained depression
  • Sudden changes in finances
  • Weight loss, bedsores and poor hygiene

We use the term nursing home abuse to characterize abuse of the elderly and vulnerable adults that specifically occurs in an assisted living facility where the perpectrator is a paid caretaker.

Reasons to Hire a Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

There are several reasons to hire a Minnesota nursing home abuse lawyer.

An attorney can help you work with law enforcement authorities to ensure the allegations are investigated and the suspected abuser is criminally prosecuted. If successful, a criminal investigation can result in fines, jail time or probation for the abuser.

Your Minnesota elder abuse attorney can also help you pursue a civil lawsuit against the individual abuser and the nursing home facility. Civil lawsuits allow abuse victims to collect personal injury damages, or money to compensate the victim for the abuse.

You'll want to hire a Minnesota elder abuse lawyer as soon as possible after the abuse occurs. That's because the Minnesota statute of limitations gives victims just two years from the date of the abuse to file a civil lawsuit.

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