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How to Hire a California Medical Malpractice Attorney

If the very people who were supposed to help you-your healthcare practitioners-made a mistake that injured you or a family member, then you may be thinking about contacting a medical malpractice attorney. California may have a lot of lawyers, but if you've never hired one before, you may not know where to find one. This article will offer you some practical suggestions in finding the right attorney for you.

Whether you are in Northern California, Central California, or Southern California, don't pick up the phone blindly. Consider the qualities you'd like to see in your lawyer. You probably want a someone who:

  • Has experience in trying medical malpractice cases, including clients with injuries similar to your own or your family member's
  • Proposes a strategy that you believe will be effective
  • Offers a realistic estimate of how much your case may be worth
  • Charges a reasonable legal fee
  • Makes you feel confident in his or her advice and judgment
  • You can envision working with for many months or even years

Finding a Medical Malpractice Attorney in California

Without even knowing it, you have at your disposal several ways of finding a California medical malpractice attorney.

You can talk to your friends and colleagues. You may know someone who has had personal experience with a California medical malpractice lawyer. First-hand information can be invaluable.

You may also have friends or colleagues who are attorneys practicing in other areas of the law. Still, they may know some medical malpractice lawyers you can speak to.

Finally, if you are shy about reaching out to your network of friends or if you just want a few more candidates to consider, you have a resource right at your fingertips. offers a service to connect you with lawyers in your area.

When you are ready to being the process, call 1-877-913-7222 or complete the short form at this site. After you've answered a few questions, we will provide you with contact information for at least one California medical malpractice attorney in your area. You may contact the lawyer directly, or he or she will follow up with your within two business days.

Preparing to Meet with California Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Now that you've got a list of names, you're ready to move to the next step. Before hiring an attorney, it's helpful to meet with all of your candidates for a brief, introductory meeting, called an initial consultation. These meetings can help you find the best attorney for you by allowing you to:

  • Assess the experience and background of each attorney
  • Share details about the incident that left you or your family member injured, and get feedback about the strength of your potential lawsuit
  • Compare the attorney with the qualities you've already identified as most desirable in a lawyer

Remember, everything you discuss at an initial consultation should help you in your hiring decision. So focus on topics that contribute to the decision-making process, such as:

  • How much experience each attorney has representing medical malpractice victims in California
  • How much the attorneys believe your case is worth, if it is settled or if it goes to trial
  • The strategies suggested for handling your case
  • The lawyers' fees and expenses

If you have any special requests, such as the need for weekend appointments or communication in another language, raise them at the initial consultations to see if the attorneys can meet these needs.

You'll want to bring several items with you, so prepare in advance. For example, bring:

  • The list of questions you want to ask each attorney
  • Writing material to record the answers and any impressions you may have
  • Any documentation you have about your injury, including medical records and bills

Meeting with California Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Be open and honest about the circumstances that led up to your injury and what you've experienced since. California medical malpractice attorneys are required to keep all client-given information confidential. Even if you do not end up hiring the lawyer, any information shared at an initial consultation will be kept confidential.

As you run through your list of questions for the attorneys, silently ask yourself some questions:

  • Does this attorney meet my requirements?
  • Does he or she have the experience I need in handling a medical malpractice case in California?
  • Does he or she make me feel comfortable and engender confidence?
  • Are the legal fees and expenses reasonable?

Once you've met with all your potential lawyers, it's time to choose one to represent you. If one stood out from the rest, then your decision is an easy one. However, if there are several strong candidates, get contact information from them on former clients. Then contact the former clients to get some feedback about the attorney's strengths and weaknesses. This should help you narrow the field.

Once you've hired a California medical malpractice attorney, you are ready to start the process that could compensate you for your medical provider-inflicted injuries.