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Loan Modification in Oregon

In recent years, Oregon has been hard hit by foreclosures and the drop in real estate prices. If you're a homeowner and are struggling to make your mortgage payments—or own a home that's underwater and are having trouble justifying your payments—you may be a good candidate for a loan modification. An Oregon mortgage modification attorney can review your financial situation and help guide you through the process.

Things to Know About Mortgage Modifications

When a lender modifes a loan, it's changing some part of the original loan agreement with the goal of reducing your monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments. A lender can:

  • Lower your mortgage's interest rate
  • Forgive some of the principal you owe if your home has fallen in value and is now worth less than the balance of your loan (known as being underwater)
  • Forgive some of the late fees and penalties you owe
  • Extend the length of your loan

By modifying your mortgage, you may be able to avoid foreclosure, a short sale or personal bankruptcy.

If you're thinking about getting a loan modification, it pays to work with a loan modification attorney who's licensed to practice in Oregon. That's because mortgage and foreclosure fraud is becoming increasingly common in Oregon.

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