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Loan Modification in Nebraska

Nebraska homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments, as well as those who are late, going through bankruptcy or in foreclosure, may qualify for mortgage modification programs that will lower their monthly payments. Speak to a Nebraska loan modification lawyer today if you are struggling to make your loan payments, don't qualify for refinancing or own a home that's worth less than the balance of your mortgage.

How a Loan Modification Attorney Can Help You

When a lender agrees to modify a mortgage, it's making a change to the original loan agreement. The lender may:

  • Reduce the interest rate
  • Waive some of the late fees and penalties that have accrued
  • Reduce the balance of the loan (also known as principal reduction or principal forgiveness)
  • Extend the length of the loan
  • Cap the loan payments at a certain percentage of the borrower's income

The end result: More affordable mortgage payments.

A mortgage modification attorney can help you understand your legal options, apply for a loan modification and review any legal contracts the lender asks you to sign.  Find out more about why you might want to hire an attorney for loan modification.

Loan modification scams have also become commonplace, and when you work with a Nebraska mortgage modification lawyer, you reduce the risk of becoming a scam victim.

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If you're ready to fix your mortgage problems, your next step is to hire Nebraska mortgage modification lawyers—and you've come to the right website. Whether you live in Omaha, Lincoln or elsewhere in Nebraska, offers a free service that can quickly connect you with loan modification lawyers in your area. Call us at 877-913-7222 or fill out the form on this page to get matched with an attorney today.