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Loan Modification in Missouri

If you can't afford your mortgage payments, are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure or contemplating a short sale, don't do anything without first speaking to a Missouri loan modification attorney. A lawyer may be able to help you save your home and avoid becoming the victim of scam artists who prey on desperate homeowners.

Missouri Mortgage Modification Basics

Millions of U.S. homeowners are in danger of losing, or having to give up, their home. But your home is probably the most valuable asset you own. So, if possible, you owe it to yourself to try to keep it in your possession.

Banks have recently implemented programs that make it easier for homeowners to get loan modifications, allowing them to stay in their homes. When you modify your loan, you're changing one of the elements of the loan, resulting in more affordable monthly payments. You may be able to change:

  • The interest rate
  • The length of the loan
  • The principal, or base amount that's owed

You may also be able to get a mortgage modification that allows you to temporarily suspend your monthly mortgage payments.

A Missouri loan modification lawyer can explain your legal options and guide you through the process of modifying your mortgage.

Avoiding Missouri Loan Modification Scams

Unfortunately, the U.S. foreclosure crisis has attracted the attention of unethical people and companies that make false promises to homeowners.

The con artists make tempting guarantees to stop foreclosure or swear they can get your loan modified. Usually all they do is take your money and disappear. Even worse, they may try to steal ownership of your home. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation warns: "If it looks to good to be true, it probably is."

Reasons to Hire a Missouri Loan Modification Lawyer

You're not legally required to hire a Missouri mortgage modification attorney to help get your loan modified, but there are a few good reasons to do so. Specifically:

  • The mortgage modification process is confusing, but an experienced lawyer will understand the steps from start to finish.
  • Modifying your loan involves signing new contracts with your mortgage provider, and you want a knowledgeable attorney reviewing those legally binding documents before you sign them.
  • If a loan modification isn't possible in your specific situation, your Missouri mortgage modification lawyers will understand and be able to explain your other legal options.

Find & Hire Missouri Mortgage Modification Attorneys

If you're falling behind on your mortgage payments or your home is worth less than the value of your loan, you owe it to yourself to find and hire a Missouri loan modification lawyer. offers a free service that can quickly connect you with a mortgage modification lawyer in your area, whether you're in Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis or elsewhere in the state.

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