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Loan Modification in Idaho

Idaho has has one of the highest home foreclosure rates in the nation. The lousy economy, combined with high unemployment rates mean that many homeowners have struggled to make their loan payments and remain in their homes. Falling real estate prices have caused other homeowners to question the logic of making big mortgage payments toward a home worth less than the value of the mortgage. If these situations resemble yours, speak to an Idaho loan modification attorney to learn if you qualify for lower mortgage payments.

Reasons to Hire an Idaho Loan Modification Lawyer

When banks modify loans, they're agreeing to change some aspect of the original mortgage. The lender might agree to lower the interest rate, forgive some of the principal or extend the length of the loan. The result: Lower mortgage payments.

You might be a good candidate for a loan modification if:

  • You have applied to refinance your loan and your application was denied
  • You have a steady monthly income, but your income has decreased since you took out your loan
  • Your home is under water, or worth less than the value of your loan
  • Your financial situation has changed—perhaps because of divorce or extraordinary medical expenses—and you're struggling to make your loan payments

Idaho mortgage modification lawyers can guide you through the loan modification process and help ensure that you don't become the victim of a loan modification scam.

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