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Labor & Employment in Kansas

Everyone has problems at work from time to time. A disagreeable boss, boring work, annoying co-workers. But sometimes the headaches turn into bona fide legal problems and issues that need to be addressed with the help of a Kansas labor and employment law attorney.

When to Hire Kansas Labor & Employment Law Attorneys

You'll have to resolve minor workplace annoyances on your own, but you'll want to turn to a Kansas labor and employment lawyer if you're dealing with:

  • Compensation issues, including those related to overtime pay, minimum wages and hourly compensation, or if you've been denied Kansas unemployment compensation
  • Workplace health and safety issues, including workplace bullying, unsafe working conditions and denied workers' compensation claims
  • Medical issues that affect your ability to work, including accommodations under the Americans With Disabilities Act as well as requests for leave under the Family & Medical Leave Act
  • Discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace
  • A wrongful termination claim

You should also consider hiring a Kansas employment attorney if you're negotiating a legal agreement with your current, potential or former employer. These would include job contracts, compensation agreements, non-compete agreements and severance agreements.

Find & Hire Kansas Employment Law Lawyers

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