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Tennessee Immigration

The United States invites immigrants to live and work within its borders. But immigration laws do change regularly as political climates shift. These changes can impact a person's employment and immigrant status. An immigration attorney can provide the most up-to-date information.

Employment Requirements for Immigrants in Tennessee

Immigration laws are set by the federal government. States often pass their own laws to enforce these regulations. For instance, Tennessee law requires employers to check legal status for employment eligibility. This can be done by checking documentation or through programs such as E-Verify.

Different job categories have special requirements. A Tennessee immigration lawyer can advise on what is needed for types of work in specific fields.

Ways to Get a Green Card

United States federal law requires immigrants to file paperwork to get a green card, or permanent residency, through:

  • A job offer
  • A family member
  • Investments made in the U.S. that create domestic jobs

These are some of the most common ways to get green cards. But there are a number of other ways immigrants can obtain permanent residency. For instance, people who served honorably in the armed forces or came to the U.S. in a diplomatic role may be approved for a green card.

Several jobs also qualify if certain conditions are met. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security lists all of the ways people can obtain green cards.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help

People choose to move to the U.S. either temporarily or permanently. An immigration lawyer can help the process go more smoothly. Services they provide include:

  • Naturalization applications
  • Green card applications
  • Review and submission of documentation
  • Assistance with citizenship tests
  • Aid in emergency situations
  • Help with student visas
  • Prevention of deportation
  • Work with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

The documentation needed for residency or other situations will vary. Choosing the right process is important. Your lawyer can help.

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Immigration law can be complicated. Working through the system can be confusing. The decision process usually takes a long time. Your attorney can check to see the right paperwork is in order to avoid delays. Call now to speak with an immigration attorney in Tennessee at 877-913-7222.