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South Carolina Immigration

The United States welcomes people to come live within its borders. Each year thousands of immigrants come to the country to make a new life, join families, or find work. But you must follow specific procedures. An immigration attorney can help.

What Is E-Verify?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) runs an online system called E-Verify. This system allows companies to check lawful eligibility of anyone applying for a job. DHS has also set up a website where people can check their own eligibility before applying for work. It is a free service for all.

Employment in South Carolina

The United States requires all employers to hire workers lawfully approved to work in the country. And individual states often pass their own laws designed to enforce the federal regulations. The State of South Carolina requires all businesses to confirm new employees through E-Verify. Companies must enroll in the system by law. They must also check the status of any new employees within three business days. Employers also are obligated by the state to check identification through a driver's license or state identification card.

Types of Employment-Based Visas

U.S. citizens, or foreign citizens with authorization, are eligible to work in the United States. There are several types of visas that allow foreign-born persons to work in the country:

  • Temporary visas—This visa allows people to come to the United States for work. Athletes, entertainers, religious workers, and those sponsored by employers often enter the country with this type of visa.
  • Permanent employment visas—The United States allots 140,000 of these visas a year. This category is divided into five job preferences. The Immigration Policy Center lists these job types.
  • Per-country ceilings—Immigrants can get work-based visas based on country. These are limited by the United States.

Another way people come to the United States is through family association. There are hundreds of thousands of family-based visas available every year.

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