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North Dakota Immigration

American immigration law has changed significantly recently. Today’s political environment is often less than hospitable to immigration causes, and rules are getting more complex for legally entering the United States. For these reasons, it is critical to hire an immigration attorney if you want to gain U.S. citizenship, or live and work here.

Can You Do-It-Yourself in Immigration Cases?

In most immigration cases, you probably cannot afford to gamble with your legal status or residency. It is hard to navigate alone the highly technical immigration legal maze. There is red tape and bureaucracy because the federal government and several agencies are involved. Plus, deadlines are tight, and they are strictly construed. Selecting and filing the right forms with accurate and appropriate information the first time around is crucially important.

The Governing Bodies in Immigration Law

The major authorities who administer, preside over, manage, and decide individual, family, and employment immigration cases include the following federal governmental bodies:

How Can a North Dakota Immigration Lawyer Help Me?

Skilled, experienced legal practitioners based in North Dakota can assist you with the following kinds of individual, family, and employment-based immigration cases:

  • Citizenship
  • Naturalization
  • Green cards
  • Deportation challenges
  • Family-based permanent residency
  • Family-based visas
  • Fiance visas
  • Employment-based permanent residency
  • Employment-based visas
  • Litigation involving Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Litigation representation in Immigration Court

What Happens in a Typical Immigration Consultation?

Local immigration practitioners and their law firms in North Dakota often perform these tasks and services during initial consultations with prospective new clients:

  • Review immigration case details and information
  • Answer questions about the client’s case
  • Explain immigration benefits available to qualifying clients
  • Help develop an immigration strategy for the client to meet goals
  • Discuss legal fees (total, estimated, flat, hourly, etc.)

Contact a Local North Dakota Immigration Advocate Today

Immigration advocates in North Dakota perform key legal services for you and your family in personal and work scenarios. With high stakes, you don’t want to struggle with immigration issues alone. It is preferable to pair with a local practitioner to complete the immigration legal process efficiently, expeditiously, and accurately the first time around. Call today to speak with an immigration lawyer in North Dakota at 877-913-7222.