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North Carolina Immigration

U.S. immigration law has changed a great deal. Requirements for legally entering the country are becoming more challenging. It is important to hire an immigration advocate to obtain American citizenship, or live and work here.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Obtain Citizenship?

The American immigration legal maze is complicated, especially when obtaining the appropriate documentation, such as:

  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Green card or
  • U.S. citizenship

If your objective is to become a citizen, you must go through the naturalization process. It is helpful to pair with an experienced legal advocate because even minor mistakes in the immigration process can translate into unfortunate results, like removal from the country. With such high stakes, it makes sense to consult and hire a North Carolina immigration attorney to walk with you through the process. Your goal should be to undergo the process correctly the first time.

Legal Services Provided by Immigration Lawyers

North Carolina-based immigration law firms and professionals provide a variety of services for individual, family, and business clients. Services usually include these tasks for business clients, like employers:

  • Helping human resource departments
  • Advising employers on legal issues when hiring workers from abroad
  • Gaining permanent residence or professional visas for foreign workers
  • Assisting with the transfer and placement of professional-level employees from outside the U.S.

What Happens During an Immigration Consultation?

Local immigration attorneys often perform these tasks and services during initial consultations with potential new individual and family clients:

  • Review immigration case details and information
  • Answer questions about the client’s case
  • Explain immigration benefits available to qualifying clients
  • Help develop an immigration strategy for the client to meet goals
  • Discuss fees for the client’s case

Requirements for Eligibility for U.S. Citizenship

Many legal permanent residents in North Carolina might be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship through naturalization. Others may become citizens automatically because they are born outside the country to a U.S. citizen. Some aliens obtain citizenship through naturalization of one or both parents. Realize that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may try to deny or even revoke an alien’s citizenship. Having an experienced immigration professional can make a difference.

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