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New York Immigration

American immigration law has changed tremendously in recent years. Today's political climate is not entirely favorable, and rules are growing more challenging for legally entering the United States. It is critical to hire an immigration professional if you want to gain American citizenship, or live and work here.

What Are Visas?

The visa is a key immigration legal instrument. The tool allows non-citizens to arrive at U.S. borders and request permission to enter the country. There are multiple types of visas available. Each visa type has its own rules and restrictions.

For example, the student visa is a popular visa suitable for those seeking to come to the United States to study full time in an educational program. A student visa permits you to:

If granted admission and entry, you are required to uphold the duties and responsibilities of the student visa during your stay.

What Makes Immigration Law in New York So Complex?

Immigration law is complicated because the process:

  • Involves multiple federal agencies
  • Implicates many rules and regulations
  • Has deadlines that are tight and rigidly construed
  • Extracts a high cost for mistakes
  • Consumes a lot of time and can take years to complete

What Should I Do When Faced With Removal?

If the American government starts removal proceedings against you, it is trying to deport you and remove you from this country. What should you do? It is critical that you quickly seek legal assistance from an experienced immigration advocate in New York. An attorney skilled in immigration matters can help you with these issues:

  • Deciding what status to apply for (asylum, withholding of removal, cancelation of removal, temporary protected status, or voluntary departure)
  • Knowing what forms are required
  • Understanding what relief is available
  • Applicable deadlines for completing forms
  • Requirements for filing forms

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