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New Jersey Immigration

Federal immigration law can be confusing. A lot of things can affect your legal status. New Jersey has laws that may apply to some immigrants. If you have questions about your case, an immigration attorney can help.

Getting a Family Immigrant Visa

One of the most common visas the U.S. issues is the family visa. To get one, you need a family member who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. This person can petition for you to move to the U.S. Depending on your situation, he or she may also need to:

  • Have an income of at least 125 percent of the poverty level
  • File an affidavit of support, agreeing to support you financially, if necessary
  • Be at least the age of 18 if filing an affidavit of support

There are also different preference levels for the family-based visa. Immediate family members of U.S. citizens are at the top level. There is no limit on the number of these visas issued. Other preference categories you may qualify for include more distant relatives of U.S. citizens and family members of permanent residents (green card holders). The U.S. issues a limited number of these visas each year. If your visa is approved after the limit has been reached, you will not get a visa until at least the next year.

New Jersey Rules That Affect Immigrants

The state has rules to make sure that only legal state residents can get certain benefits. The WorkFirst NJ program helps needy people and families by providing cash assistance and other support services. Only people who can prove they are citizens or qualified alien residents may receive these benefits. Most noncitizens do not qualify until they have been in the country for at least five years.

A 2007 order from the state's attorney general (PDF) requires immigration status checks of most people who are arrested. Law enforcement officers must notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement of anyone who seems to be in the country illegally.

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